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Amazing video from the archives

I'm so excited about this video from 2010, which I found while perusing the archives to migrate old files and videos onto our new website. It features great footage and really quotable quotes from many of the agricultural bigwigs in the Hardwick area: Tom Stearns (High Mowing Seeds), Pete...


Close the Loop!-NEK Business Handout

Your business throws away valuable resources every day – Close the Loop!-NEK provides your business with the tools, materials and training to recycle your food scraps. This ensures that food scraps are collected and recycled back into the soil, reducing the amount of trash you send to the...

Community Composting: Introduction to Close the Loop!

Highfields Center for Composting has partnered with your community to introduce Close the Loop! Vermont, a community composting program that saves valuable resources by composting food scraps and turning them into nutritious soil for farmers, gardeners, and the community. Residents in your region...

Why Close the Loop?

“When a tree dies, or leaves fall to the ground, or an animal dies, it goes back into the soil,” farmer Tom Gilbert observes. “The decomposer communities recycle that material and create new life. We would look to that as essentially a perfectly harmonized nutrient management system. Nothing in,...

'Compost Only' (A Composting Training Video)

A video produced by Highfields in partnership with Hazen Union School Drama Club and filmmaker Meredith Holch. This video covers the basics of composting in an entertaining and informative way. The students from Hazen High School will have you moonwalking all the way to the compost bin.


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