Buy Compost

Springtime in Vermont! Time to get the compost!

Vermont's best compost, rich “Black Gold”, is available at our Compost Education and Research Facility, Quarry Rd/Fisher Bridge Industrial Park, Wolcott, VT [Google map]. Please call ahead: (802) 472-8880.

Vermicompost is like superfood for your house plants! SPECIAL for COMPOST AWARENESS WEEK

Saturday, May 10th, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Free bag of vermicompost ($10 value) with every yard of compost purchased


  • Kid-focused - 9am, 11am, & 1pm
  • Technically-oriented - 10am & 2pm

2014 Compost Prices:

(call for wholesale pricing)

$50 per yard

$60 per yard
5 gallon pail - $5 per pail (bring your own pail)

2 Qrt Bag - $10 per bag
20 Qrt Bag - $40 per bag
1+ yards - $450 a yard

Compost reservations

Available through our Community Supported Compost program.


Delivery available upon request. Call Alex at (802) 472-8880 for details.

Highfields Premium Compost is an excellent soil amendment for farm and garden. It helps build and maintain soil fertility and biology and is made from farm manure, hay, straw, wood chips, hardwood bark, and local food scraps.

Highfields Vermicompost is a super-rich compost containing concentrated amounts of available plant nutrients. Our standard compost recipe is first managed to eliminate weed seeds and pathogens, then fed to thousands of Red Wiggler worms. Vermicompost contains a diverse soil biology that fosters plant health and disease suppression. Use as a top-dressing, potting-soil amendment, or apply when transplanting in the garden. Take your garden to the next level with Highfields Vermicompost!