Compost Bin Construction and Management

Before You Begin: Explore Your Options  


Composting on Site 


ANR On-Site Composting School Implementation Guide
•   School Composting Options
•     Developing School Composting/Food Scrap Recycling Programs - This guide will walk you through the process of developing a School Compost or Food Scrap Recycling Program. [Word Doc]
•  School Compost Budget 
•  Bin Systems for On-site and Backyard Composting  [More broadly applicable than just schools] 
•     Case Study: Lowell Graded School Pilot Program [Word Doc] 
•     Managing Your Bin Composting System 
•     Compost Bin System Floor Plan 
•     Compost Bin System Front View 
•     How to Build a Compost Cart 
•     Compost Recipe for Schools [Applicable to home composting systems, too] 
•   Decision Making Matrix for School Composting Systems [Word Doc] 
•     Designing a Bin System for Hot Compost
•     Green Drum Composter 
•    Compost Bins Monitoring Log
• Composting Program Planning Checklist [ANR
•     On-Site Composting: School Implementation Guide [ANR, based on Highfield]

Compost Site Management – Monitoring Piles: Why and How [ANR, based on Highfield’s Material] Cross-listed under Home.
• “Worms in School” [CAV]