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Close the Loop

Why Close the Loop?

Watch the videoRight now, food scraps thrown into the trash are a lost resource. Close the Loop! is an ambitious campaign to develop the local composting infrastructure capable of recycling all of Vermont’s food scraps by 2017.  In doing so, we will improve food security and protect our working landscape, while contributing to the local economy and reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

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How does Close the Loop! NEK work?

Quick Start Guide (pdf)

For residents: Composting at home isn’t an option for everyone. If you want to compost your food scraps but don’t have the space, time or desire for your own compost bin, Close the Loop! NEK in partnership with NEKWMD, provides a number of food-scrap drop off locations throughout the region.

Find the drop-off site closest to you
Training video
What to compost (magnet design)

For businesses and organizations: Your school or business throws away valuable resources every day – Close the Loop!-NEK provides your business with the tools, materials and training to recycle your food scraps. This ensures that food scraps are collected and recycled back into the soil, reducing the amount of trash you send to the landfill, and potentially saving you money on your trash bill.

More information on joining Close the Loop! NEK (pdf)

Who is already involved with Close the Loop! NEK?

Besides our residential drop-offs, where anyone can partake in the program, Close the Loop! NEK works with a number of schools and businesses to increase the volume of food scraps being diverted away from the landfills. The following groups are currently working in the Northeast Kingdom to close the loop on our food system. We are always looking to expand our collection routes, so become our newest partner today!

Bailiwicks Fine Dining (on Mill)
Burke Mountain Academy
Burke Mountain
Darling Inn, a Residence of Rural Edge
Four Seasons of Early Learning
Good Shepherd Catholic School
Lakeview Union School
Lyndon Town School
Lyndonville Bagel Depot
Lyndon Institute
Maple Grove Farms of Vermont
Northeastern VT Regional Hospital
Marty’s First Stop
The White Market (Plaza)
The White Market (Depot)
The White Market (St. Johnsbury)
Smith’s Store
St. Johnsbury Academy
St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltopper Restaurant
St. Johnsbury School District

Meet the people that make Close the Loop! NEK happen