SCHOOL TOOL: Planning & Implementing a Program for Success

This document is part of the (On-Site School Composting Toolkit)

Composting programs at schools are an opportunity to empower an ethic of environmental stewardship and participatory ecology in young minds and for students to build investment in their future. Students, staff, and volunteers find composting to be a rewarding experience that provides the school community with multiple opportunities to practice integrative thinking and take responsibility for the conservation of their resources.

If your school is thinking about starting a composting program, several options for composting at schools exist. Many schools simply separate their food scraps from recyclables and trash, and then transport the compostables to the nearest off‐site composting operation, often a local farmer. Highfields’ Close the Loop! programs are one example of how a food scrap collection program can be easily integrated into a school’s food culture this way. These programs already exist in many communities and where they don’t the model is easily adaptable and scalable for different community situations.