As the great thaw approaches…

by Maia Hansen

Maia Hansen
Maia Hansen, Close the Loop! Regional Coordinator (photo: Vchem Pierce)

With this snow we keep getting, it doesn’t seem like spring will ever come. But now that the days are longer, our minds naturally turn towards gardening and with that, the glorious process of composting!

We have seen a lot of interest in our Extreme Home Composting workshops and webinars over the last few months and attendees seem eager to implement new composting strategies as the great thaw begins.

Last Saturday we had an Extreme Home Composting workshop at the Haskell Free Library in Derby Line, VT. There was a great turn out with over 20 people from Northeast Kingdom and beyond as well as across the border from Stanstead, Ogden and even Montreal!

For those of you who don’t know, the Haskell is the only library and opera house of it’s kind located both in the US and Canada (with a line drawn down the middle of the building). Visitors can enter from either country without going through customs, as long as they exit the door they came in! Yes, border patrol is watching.

The presentation on Saturday was actually in Canada, with most participants sitting on the border itself! Attendees came with varying levels of experience, some who had been composting for 40 years and others who had never tried it. Great questions were raised about what should be added to create the right recipe and how to keep wildlife out of the pile.

Many people were interested to learn that there are food scrap drop-off locations throughout the Northeast Kingdom (including Derby and Newport). Although households won’t reap the benefits of composting for their own gardens, food scrap drop-offs can be a great solution for composting over the winter or for urging non-gardeners to compost!

If you are interested in learning more about home composting, we have one more webinar coming up next week March 27th at 7pm, I urge everyone who hasn’t joined a webinar or workshop yet to sign up at:

Rot On!

Extreme Home Composting workshop at the Haskell Free Library in Derby Line, VT