Elementary School Training: Maia's View

by Maia Hansen

Composting is truly for everyone.
Composting is truly for everyone.
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Last week we trained 300 students and teachers at Johnson Elementary School which is expected to divert around 5-6 tons of food scraps per year!

If a 5 year old can do it, you can too.”

We trained classroom by classroom and even the preschoolers were getting it! Everyone really enjoyed the new elementary school training video, 'Composting for Kids' and students did a great job listening and learning how to close the loop on their food system.

The diverted material will be picked up by a local farmer, John Hayden of The Farm Between in Cambridge, VT. John will feed food scraps to chickens and will further process the material to use on his fruit farm and garden.

The school started composting this week and John went on the first day to make sure things ran smoothly. He reported back, “the kids were primed to compost and did a great job.”

If a 5 year old can do it, you can too. Composting is truly for everyone.

Maia Hansen Maia Hansen is an Americacorps VISTA member who works with Highfields to develop and lead school compost trainings. She is excited to play a part in helping to create a sustainable food system in Vermont.