School Composting: Join a Loop

Chickens love leftover food scraps! Many schools separate their food scraps from recyclables and trash, and then transport the compostables to the nearest off‐site composting operation, often a local farmer. Chicken farmers would probably love your food scraps!

Highfields’ Close the Loop! programs are one example of how a food scrap collection program can be easily integrated into a school’s food culture this way. These programs already exist in many communities and where they don’t the model is easily adaptable and scalable for different community situations.

Take a look at our “Join a Loop” map to see if there are any compost sites near you. They may be accepting food scraps from new partners.

We'd love to help you come up with a solution that works for your school!

Questions? Please feel free to call our community composting coordinator, Jenn Davis, at (802) 472-5138 x207 or email