Close the Loop!

Close the LoopHighfields can help your community close the loop by establishing a sustainable composting program. We have extensive experience designing and implementing these programs and we are available to help at any level, meeting the unique needs of your program.

Highfields’ comprehensive services:

  • Program design, marketing and implementation
  • Program management
  • Outreach to schools and businesses
  • Intensive trainings for students and food service workers
  • Expert technical support for composters including site design and permitting, management plans, recipe development, and ongoing support
  • Hauler training to set up a food scrap hauling system to serve the area (municipality, composter, or commercial hauler)
  • Informational materials that can be printed with your logo and contact information, including: instructional kitchen posters, window stickers, table talkers, participant certificates
  • Residential/backyard composting workshops

Find out how to join or start a loop in your community! Contact Jenn Davis at (802) 472-5138 x207 or