Close the Loop! Lamoille Valley

Farmer John Hayden shows some of the red wiggler worms that process food scraps.Close the Loop! Lamoille Valley is a partnership between the Highfields Center for Composting, the Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District, local composters and area businesses to recycle our community’s food scraps through composting.

Why Close the Loop?

Right now, food scraps thrown into the trash are a lost resource. Close the Loop Vermont! is an ambitious campaign to develop the local composting infrastructure capable of recycling all of Vermont’s food scraps by 2017.  In doing so, we will improve food security and protect our working landscape, while contributing to the local economy and reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

How does Close the Loop! Lamoille Valley work?

Your business throws away valuable resources every day – Close the Loop Lamoille Valley! provides your business with the tools, materials and training to recycle your food scraps. This ensures that food scraps are collected and recycled back into the soil, reducing the amount of trash you send to the landfill, and potentially saving you money on your trash bill.

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